Belmont Orchids is a pioneer among orchid growers in South India. Started in the '90s as a hobby, we quickly grew from our humble beginnings to an established company, mainly thanks to the enthusiasm shown by plant lovers for the many magnificent varieties of orchids.

Orchids are amongst the most rewarding of plants - once you get started, they can provide the most beautiful and exotic flowers year after year, with just basic care. They are strong, resilient plants which can thrive in our climate, so there’s no reason to worry about complex care techniques.

Belmont Orchids now supplies orchids to over 50 nurseries and orchid lovers across South India. Visit our ‘Phalaenopsis' page to explore the beautiful varieties we consider our specialty. Whether you are a beginner or a hobbyist already, we can provide our imported varieties and all the information you need to keep your orchids healthy so that they will bloom bigger and better next year.

Drop us an email at belmontorchids@hotmail.com or catch us at the next flower show near you!

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